Space Bear THC Infused Gummies

Space Bear THC Infused Gummies

Space Bear THC Infused Gummies

October 31, 2019


Space Bear THC Infused Gummies

5 candies per pack

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Space Bear THC Gummies

Space Bear THC Gummies , By far the best weed gummies we have tried to date. On point flavor and accurate dosing are what one looks for in a THC infuse gummie candy . Also , the amazing flavor and lab verified accurate dosing put Space Gummies in a league of their own.

Further  , THC infused Space Gummies come in a variety of strengths and flavors . This cover all of your cannabis gummie needs!

Use with caution, Mega Top-shelf Buds recommends you start with a very small dose when ingesting cannabis infused edibles for the first time.

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