Master Kush

Master Kush

Master Kush

October 4, 2018


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Master Kush

Buy Master Kush Performs great indoors and outdoors
It delivers a balanced full-body high
Suitable for medical use
Master Kush was created in a residential building in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a city world-famous for its love of marijuana. This almost pure indica is a powerhouse on the cannabis market – partly due to very public shoutouts from weed connoisseurs. Such as rapper Snoop Dogg.

Buy Master Kush With a makeup of 90% indica and 10% sativa, this hybrid has won Cannabis Cup awards on two separate occasions.

Buy Master Kush The indica-dominant Kush has a potent THC level of up to 24%. This gives it the ability to induce a euphoria that calms you while slowing down your body. However, unlike many other potent cannabis strains, it doesn’t cause your brain to become “stuck”. Instead, it delivers a balanced full-body high, that is enjoyable and smooth, without the heaviness on your brain.

With Master Kush, you’ll also enjoy some very effective medicinal properties. Containing a decent level of CBD of 1%, this marijuana will soothe while helping you manage your chronic pain and various mood disorders.

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